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        Why God Made Little Boys

       God made a world out of his dreams
         Of magic Mountains, Oceans and Streams. 
      Prairies and Plains and Wooded land,
      Then paused and thought, " I need someone to stand
      On top of the Mountains, to conquer the seas.
       Explore the plains and climb the trees,
        Someone to start out small and grow
        Sturdy strong like a tree" and so...
        He created little boys, full of spirit and fun,
        To explore and conquer, to romp and run,
        With courageous hearts and boyish grins.
        When He had completed the task He'd begun
        He surely said " That's a job well done."

This memorial website was created in the memory of one of those  boy's 
God set out to creat our Son, Grandson,Brother and Uncle, Justin  Allen   Broughton, Who was born in Visalia California on March 06, 1989, To James Broughton And Lisa Bowers,  God decided  on May 22, 2005 at the age of 16.That it was time for Justin to come Home and sit by his side, Though We will remember him forever, It is hard to Picture our lives without him in it. Even though we know that just becouse he is not were we can see him he will forever be with us, weather it be in the wisper of the wind in our ear's at night,Or  in the touch of the sun on  our face's on a warm summer's day, or the fell of the dew on our toes on a cool  winter morning. Just as we will never forget or stop loving Justin, He will never leave or stop loving us. 

                               In the page's of this site you will learn about our Baby J,
and in that learning come to love him almost as much as his family and friend's do.. 
Tributes and Condolences
Justin  / Nathan David (Big Brother )
       Justin,                  Hey brother it's been a while since you've been here. I fucking miss you like crazy and there is'nt a day t...  Continue >>
JUSTIN'S MESSAGE BORED AND CHAT ROOM.   / Kima David (His other Mom )
                            The links below are to a Message bored and Chatroom that Jame's Justin's Dad and friend...  Continue >>
i love and miss him   / Ashley Kirklin (The man )
Justin there is not a day that goes by that i don't think of u i love u Justin Broughton xoxo
happy easter   / Michael Broughton (blood brother )
Justin brother miss u and think about u every day
Blood and Honor   / Lisa Marie Bowers Broughton (Mother)
man!!!!!!!!! i'm finally home man! all these years away has made any reality surreal to me. my reality kicked me in my soul when i collapsed on yer grave & drownd yer pix with tears. i died in that moment in time son but in the same breath i pull...  Continue >>
see you later  / BJ REED (brother)    Read >>
A Letter to Justin and my Brothers  / Nathan (Brother)    Read >>
White Powers oi oi  / Mikey Broughton (Brother)    Read >>
You will never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!-!  / Shell (Just "His Shell" )    Read >>
hey little j fm auntie  / Tammy Nelson-waller (aunt)    Read >>
pocket NAZI  / Michael Broughton (Brother)    Read >>
i miss you kidd.  / Stevie Thurman (sister; best friend. )    Read >>
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